29th Nov to 3rd Dec ’23


The Sensual Magical Empowered Women

💫 Join thousands of other sisters on this path at Wonder Women Festival 2023 ❤️

This festival is for any and every woman above 18 years of age. And highly recommended by many others.

Wonder Women festival is a Tantra, meditation, and wellness festival only for women. It is the first and only festival in India which happens at this grand scale. This is our 4th year of celebrating awakened and empowered women dream through this festival.



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Do you feel shame, guilt, ignorance, conditioning around your body and the way you connect with your sexuality

Do you feel pain, numbness, disconnection in yourself and your therapists can’t help you more or practitioners tells you it’s normal

Do you wish to know the mapping of your sacred feminine anatomy and don’t know where to start ?

Do you long to be with a community of inspiring like minded awakened people women

You are already on the path of healing or a practitioner but like to deepen your work and journey ?

You are feeling stuck, lacking inspiration, or expression of self and don’t know how to connect with self or in intimate connections. If so yes you are at the right place

This festival is for you if

  • You are ready to stop forcing yourself into a masculine version of success and finally tap into soft, fluid, sensitive feminine power.
  • You wanna feel your sensual sexy, confident self and carry that body language
  • You are ready to awaken pleasure and ready to connect to your sexuality to experience full bodied mind blowing orgasms.
  • Awaken your feminine heart, your oracle , your intuitive wisdom.
  • Attract deeper intimacy with your partner or self or to attract a dream relationship.
  • Break the cycles of old patterns , addictive behaviours and feel reborn and set new directions in life.
  • You experience painful, irregular periods, numbness, disconnection in your womb or self.
  • To receive healing overall on physical, mental and emotional levels.

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Benefits of attending the Wonder Women Festival?

Dear Goddess,
Come Home to explore your truly sensual & playful-self.
The Wonder Women Festival 2023 will host live workshops with some of the world’s most renowned tantra mystics, movements therapists & healers.

This is your invitation to come home to us.

Theme of the Festival

Sensual, Sublime & Surrender


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The beauty of the feminine lies in her hips, in her breasts, in her hair, in her thighs, oozing from her entire body. Women’s bodies have always been an inspiration for poets, painters and great artists in the world. Her sensuality & the way she moves is a map to her joyous self. A woman has many shades to her- she is the nurturer, the mother, a lover, the daughter, the homemaker or an entrepreneur. 

Her true nature is to surrender in the joys of being in a woman’s body. In today’s society we are disconnected from truly breathing into our softness and that sensual subtle body. How learning the language of your body can give you, your power back!

To be sensuous means to become aware of the circumference, and to be spiritual means to become aware of the center. Sensuousness is the beginning of spirituality. Become more and more sensuous; that is the way of being alive.


Celebrate 5 days in paradise by a seafront resort in North Goa

Nalanda Resort 
Click here for direction

Our aim is to provide a space where you feel comfortable, relaxed and blissful. We will be sharing space together in a resort on the northern beaches of Goa. Close to the best so you will be able to experience the beautiful Goan sunsets with your new found friends and sisters.

Transformational Journeys

Sonali Shetty

What a journey !!!!
The entire program was so wonderfully designed and executed.
The facilitators were highly motivating.
It was a beautiful experience. I am so grateful for this experience.

Akansha Arya

Beautifully curated retreat with every moment spent in a safe space. I had a brilliant time and things have only looked great since my time in the Wonder Woman festival. Highly recommended for all the women out there ❤️

Ekta Ballani

The immersive 5 day Wonder Woman festival has initiated my journey of inner work and unlayering. A must do for all women as and when the opportunity arises. Thank you for emabling some major internal shifts .. the journey has only begun

Lia Mladenova

I took part in the Wonder Women Festival 2022 and the experience was amazing - from the location, to the food, and of course the amazing sessions, teachers and activities. Thank you!


In this festival you ll be having to choose over 40+ workshops and sessions in the duration of 5 days lead by world renowned experts.

The workshops will include a variety of guided meditations, movement and dance therapy, Tantra and healing shame or traumas around our bodies or shamanic embodiment practices and Shakti healing circles.

Details of few of the workshops is as under:

Sensual Embodiment, Yoni Healing, Womb Healing, Awakened Bellydance, Movement

Sensual Embodiment

In these workshops you will learn to rewrite the conditionings that hold you back from experiencing sensations, love, presence, and pleasure with and in your body. You will learn to express your sensuality through movement based practises to get in touch with your body without shame.

Awakened Bellydance

Awakened Bellydance is a multi-faceted, transformative, self-awakening process which catapults you into an embodied and authentic awakening.

An intuitive remembering and reclaiming of You through conscious movement and self-exploration. Katie will guide you in sacred dance movements, breath-work and visualisation to transform, transmute, reclaim and embody your beautiful, sovereign self.

Our womb space acts like an alchemical treasure chest of creation. This could be creating a project, a baby, balancing hormones, a relationship, a sensual you, a new life, abundance and more! Our womb space holds all the keys to manifesting our greatest potential and the greatest key of all; our ability to self-initiate ourselves.

*Awakened Bellydance is a powerful process which can release emotions that would like to be acknowledged. Please journal/draw to support your journey.
*No dance experience is necessary, just an open heart to Be.
*You do not need a physical womb to take part in Awakened Bellydance.

Awakened Bellydance™ is for all who would like to remember, align and manifest their authentic soul path.

Womb Healing

Our Womb Space is the seat of deep wisdom and our creative power centre. It is where we give birth to new life and/or new ideas into the world.  When energetic blocks from here (our sacral chakra), we can feel stuck. Without our Shakti flowing freely, we lack clarity and our power is limited. Womb Healing helps to restore your womb to its original state. Intuitive healing techniques combined with energy work, bodywork, diet, herbs, and lifestyle medicine can help clear trauma and emotional blocks from the womb, as well as past imprints from previous lovers.

Trauma and Emotional Release

Trauma leaves a blueprint in your nervous system through cellular memory.  Even when we cognitively are aware of the trauma, our subconscious and physical body have cellular memories of their own. Our bodies are miraculous beings fully equipped to heal themselves.  The goal of trauma healing is to give victims a feeling that they have control over their lives again. With our session on Trauma Healing, you can journey into self-discovery, empower yourself, remove toxicity, restore wholeness and create a healthier you!

Self-reflection and Meditation

Waking up to your power is a spiritual practice. In these workshops you will learn how meditation can help us to be truly happy, to be in the present moment, to awaken to our highest potential, and show us a path of liberation. 

Ayurvedic Breast Massage

Ayurvedic breast massage helps to empower femininity by bringing healing from all the shame and manipulations. It goes beyond physical healing and opens paths for deeper emotional and energetic healing and promotes acceptance and love towards your body.


Explore through art and creativity. Learn new ways to navigate through adding a much needed spark of new and fresh ideas . 

Evening Events

The evening events will be focused on integrating and celebrating what you’ve learnt each day at the retreat. 

We will wrap each day with a beautiful, fun and juicy celebration where all divine sisters will get to celebrate themselves and each other in their true goddess form. Dance, Music, Games and some surprises!

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What happens when we are not in touch with our feminine side being in a woman’s body?

  • Lack of sex in marriages/ relationships
  • Lack of confidence, shame, guilt and criticism
  • Moon cycles might become more painful and lack of understanding of the menstrual cycle can lead to fertility issues
  • Feeling burned out, exhausted and living a life without joy & passion.
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“Surrender is an essential aspect of the learning process in Tantra”

Margot Anand

This year together we will create a sacred space for us to:

This year we are bringing an exclusive yet carefully curated wonderbag of rituals, activations, meditation practices that will focus on the True Essence of the Feminine.

  • Learn to celebrate life by being more juicy, alive and vibrant. 
  • Explore rituals and practices to heal and awaken our sexuality and suppressed traumas
  • Overcome guilt and shame around our bodies
  • Understand sexual needs of both men and women and learn to reach the divine union between the two genders
  • Techniques to Integrate divine masculine and feminine both within and outside
  • Tap into our sexuality and creativity through exploring with dance, movement, singing circles, art therapy and more 
  • Understanding to breakthrough conditioning, old patterns, habits of the mind, emotions and beliefs
  • Reconnect to our soul calling and find our highest potential in life
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Daily Schedule

Day events

Workshops will start at 7 AM on all days. All days will end at 10:00 PM with sufficient breaks for unwinding and eating meals. Detailed schedule for each day will be shared with the participants of the festivals.

Evening events

Our evening events will be focused on integrating and celebrating what you’ve learnt each day at the retreat.

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Price of the Wonder Woman Festival

We encourage women to purchase the ‘All Inclusive’ ticket. As it is a residential retreat, we would like to keep the energy contained and flowing through only the participants within the premise.

Although, if you are already staying in North Goa and have your own accommodation here, it is also possible to purchase a ticket which does not include accommodation.

Via Gpay

Please send the payment to the following
Gpay number

Srishati Singhal : 9810546868

Through Bank Transfer

BANK A/C NO. – 259810546868

Non Residential Ticket

Rs 24,555 Rs 28,999

  • Festival and Workshop Access for all 5 Days
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All Inclusive Residential Ticket

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Rs 44,499 Rs 46,999

  • Shared Accommodation for 4nights/5 days
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Festival and Workshop Access for all 5 Days
  • Tea/Coffee During the day
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Our Success Story

  • The 1st edition of the ‘Wonder Women Festival’ was held in December 2020.
  • The 2nd edition in 2021 was called ‘Evolve Wonder Women Online Festival’.  Over 4500 women and 50+ experts joined in online with us from across the globe.
  • 500+ & counting have been transformed at our Wonder-Ful Sacred space.
  • Following the pandemic, the 3rd edition of the Wonder Women Festival was held offline in December 2021.
  • Over 10k community members are now part of the exclusive Wonder Women Community.
collaborate with us
For girls between the age of 18-23, you can apply for your student discount here
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The Evolve Beings team carefully vets all teachers affiliated with our organization and know that they provide the safest and most authentic courses, meditations and programs for the nurturing and healing of the collective sisterhood.

Our facilitators are fully qualified, trained and are graduates from schools of mystic arts, sciences and psychology.

Mohini Srishati

Founder of Evolvebeings, Curator - Wonder Women Festival, Certified Tantra and Meditation Practitioner, Life Coach

Mohini Srishati is a versatile woman and surfing in real life through different roles of being a Mother, Tantrica, Business woman, Evolution expert and a Traveller. She transcends norms and stereotypes and is a gentle reminder and inspiration to those of us who wish to do the same.

She likes to ignite people’s hearts and souls. Inspire them to make change and live life consciously and in celebration. As an initiative in this direction she decided to organize and teach in different Tantra retreats and festivals. She completed a 2 years certified intensive Tantra teacher training course with Tantra essence plus many years of enriching spiritual experiences in her life. She has spent time with many tantra teachers and is inspired by Osho, Goenka and Ma Anand Sarita.

She is the curator and teacher for Wonder Woman Festival. Name of the festival is inspired by her own life and her blossoming into different roles and essence of Feminine. Being a Tantrica she likes to spread the message of living an empowered life. She is organizing both online and offline courses through ‘Evolve Beings’.
This festival will be inspired from the Shamanic, Tantra and meditation practices to break through our patterns of life and realize our true soul calling.

In today’s sensual and materialistic era Tantra is the only evolved spiritual discipline that uses our senses and desires to achieve the goal of liberation. So we need to drop and heal that shame and guilt to start celebrating and enjoying our bodies to derive joy and wellbeing.

After many years of following the spiritual path whilst simultaneously being involved in the business world, creating and successfully running a company, Srishati started envisioning practically bringing the two worlds together. The purpose all along was to bridge the seemingly big gap between the corporate and spiritual world and be a positive force in creating more unity and less separation. She aimed to make spiritual teachings more accessible and easier digestible for people looking to evolve or expand in life.

Afke Reijenga

Afke is the blueprint for authentic pleasure. She loves to play, flirt and seduce. Wherever she goes she creates a vortex of love, joy, truth and light. Afke is renowned for her vivid and joyful style of yoga. Praised for the way that she brings back sacred sexuality into society. She fuses joy, love and depth. Started her international career as a model, movie-star and muse. Meanwhile, she studied, Taoistic arts, healing love, sexual kung-fu and jade egg practice, conscious breath, NLP and hypnosis.
Now works as a sacred sexuality coach, organises wild woman trainings and is a facilitator at yoga and tantra events.
Afke loves to empower woman and men to find their own wildness and to guide them to more authentic pleasure and self love.
She has been facilitating at major Tantra events everywhere in the world as in India, Ibiza, Mexico, The Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Montenegro, United Kingdom,
In The Netherlands they call her the Queen of Tantra.
Next to love and eros as a healing medicine, she loves to work with plant medicine as a way to connect to love and the divine. After more then 25 years of hands on experience she started two years ago with guiding psilocybine ceremonies in her tipi in The Netherlands.

Dolores Antić

Couple Counselor, Life Coach, Bhakti Tantrika I ISTA Organiser l Founder of Alchemy of Love Festival in Montenegro l Founder of Tantra Spirit Festival in Croatia l Founder of Alchemy of Love Festival in UK

She has dedicated her life to empowering and supporting women.
With a decade of experience in holding women circles, she has created sacred spaces for
connection and support. As a teacher, she has shared her wisdom on female liberation and
embodiment for Balkan Women to an audience of 300,000 through Croatian national TV.
Additionally, she is a passionate herbalist, inviting women to explore the healing properties of
plants. Alongside her expertise as a yoga teacher, she embraces a spiritual path as a Bhakti
devotee and tantrika.
She has organized five international tantra festivals and played a pivotal role in birthing sacred
sexuality events. As a mother of three, she understands the importance of nurturing and guiding
others. Through her teachings, she empowers women to connect with their body and soul purpose,
embracing their inner queen and unlocking their full potential. Join her on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Meher Malik

Movement Meditation Expert, Mentor, Founder of chakraqs

Meher Malik is the Founder & Director of Banjara School Of Dance - India's largest belly dance school. Meher is a believer in the medicinal magic of movement and has created a community of sisters across the world guiding women back into their bodies and leading them to self-care and love.

She is a mother and a wife, a vegan and a minimalist, an artist and an entrepreneur but strongly believes that her identity is not defined by any of these. She is a seeker on a spiritual quest, not searching for answers but the right questions.

Her life philosophy is to 'move' people in whatever way in a direction towards a better, wiser, kinder, happier world. Meher is now a full time researcher and is developing proof based research on alternative healing modalities using Kirlian photography. Through ‘Chakras’ a self-healing course designed by her, she helps people to unlock the secrets of their bodies, minds and spirit.

Katie Holland

dance therapist, professional dancer and the creator of Awakened Bellydance

Katie Holland is a sacred dance therapist, professional dancer and the creator of Awakened Bellydance TM. Katie experienced a spiritual awakening aged seven which activated her soul mission. This, coupled with several spontaneous Kundalini awakenings as an adult led her on an alchemical journey of inner transformation and an innate understanding of how to embody and dance with the new incoming light frequencies through sacred dance. Originally from England, Katie has explored the world since 2006, living in India, Bali, Bulgaria and Egypt teaching, performing and creating whilst studying with masters of sacred cultural dances, Tantra, Shamanism, Yoga, Meditation, Trance and Energy healing techniques.
Katie is also the creator of Shakti Pants – Sacred clothing and jewellery, as well as the founder and organiser of Sirius Retreats, Trainings and Adventures. These extraordinary journeys are full of cultural experiences not usually found on the tourist trail.
Dancing throughout her life Katies studies are in Middle Eastern dance, Bharatnatyam, Sufi Whirling, Nepalese Vajra Yogini, Gurdjieff Movements, Afro-Samba, Osho Dynamic Meditation, Shamanic dance, Bollywood. She is a facilitator trainer in Awakened Bellydance and Inner Dance.
Holistic therapies include: Access Bars, Reiki Master teacher in Usui and Tera-Mai Seichem traditions, Yoga teacher, Aromatherapy and Indian head massage, Baby massage, No hands massage, Laughter yoga.

Kaulike Anandi

Baul Mystic, Tantrica, Spiritual Guide

Kaulike Anandi was born into a family, which is connected with the tantric lineage of Ramakrishna Paramhansa. She spent most of her early years with her grandmother who she considers as her foremost teacher in love, tantra, spirituality, pretty much everything that matters in life. And then came music. She found herself embracing love in the truest sense through her ‘sadhana’ (practice) of music. Her parents at that time were senior gurus in the country in the arts of theater. She grew up in an environment of a theatre commune so the feeling of living in a community was ingrained within her early on. Kaulike had never planned to get into acting given how she was deemed as the shy one. But it happened. If she would have something to share, she would love going up the stage. Otherwise most of her time went in music, books and meditation. She believes that whatever you wish for is actually the cosmos wishing for and whatever you don't want is not really meant for you. But if you want something, surely there is something into it. So it's important to follow your heart. Her spiritual journey is all about simplifying life and becoming the embodiment of love.
She believes everything is love. Every bit of this existence, this universe, this Cosmos, this life and this world, every bit of it is made up of love. Love is the universal energy that has created us, that is flowing through us, it is what is holding and binding everything together. Our bodies, our like containers, each vessel is made up of a very unique insight but all have only one role to experience love an it’s magic, to blossom more, to enjoy more, to live in communion with the divine. Kaulike strongly believes that women are born with Shakti ingrained in them right from their birth. They just have to recognize their immense power and then see the magic around them unfold every day of their lives.
Kaulike found herself dipping deeply into the world of Baul Mysticism.
The word baul means a madman. But it is a misnomer; it means someone who is free, someone who is enlightened. Kaulike believes that when one comes to the baul path, they are in total space of surrender, because they become innocent like a child. You do not judge anything or anyone. Because you completely trust in the existence as a Divine Mother as a Divine Shakti.
Baul Mysticism is deeply connected to the roots of Tantra as well. Because it is all about opening up your body through celebrations in music and dance. In Baul Mysticism we focus on singing and opening up the fifth chakra, the most mystical one. And when you open up that chakra you become a free flowing and a joyous person in touch with their true essence.
Both Baul Mysticism and Path of Tantra help us to establish the connection between the small self, and the divine self. It helps us to understand that we are not separate from the whole universe.



Navedita’s existential explorations led her to a few ever expanding self-realisations, one that she is a dirtbag, not quite literally, but she surrenders to the natural forces, in a way ‘windblown’, that makes her crave for truth and greater understanding of her being. She is often too much for people as she engages with in her words, in her doubts, in her curiosities, in her cravings and desires…often not fitting in most systems around. She is an “EXOTICDIRTBAG”, she feels in this dimension, an honest discomforting, challenging and courageous bundle of dirt filled in a bag made of wonder, kindness and love.

Navedita express’ her intuitive impulses, insights, existential stories , sexual curiosities using spontaneous mediums arranged to create a visual dimension that triggers “pause” and “ reflection” in the psyche.

Navedita graduated from College of Art, New Delhi in 2015 as an “Applied Artist”, her inclinations led her to travelling around the country learning “Sustainable Architecture”, “Permaculture Design”and critically questioning the “ Factory Schooling System”, after working (rather choking) in an advertising agency for a short while. In the year 2016, She joined Swaraj University as a “fellow khoji” in an attempt to reclaim her life, shaping her perspectives around the patterns of the World, learning methods, sustainability, social justice and community living.

Ksenia Pechenkina

Yoni Cleansing & Womb Healer

Healer, yogini, herbalist, guide to the mountains and the silence of the body. I combine the knowledge of the East and Europe about feminine nature, natural healing, energy practices and traditions of the red tent. The native Russian soil gave strong roots of traditional medicine, contact with nature and an investigative mind. India gave me meetings with teachers from all over the world and more than 1000 hours of practice. For the last 4-5 years I have been engaged in healing practice through massage, women's sauna mysteries, yoga and therapeutic forest walks. It is a joy to be with you on this beautiful journey and connect cultures.
Navedita express’ her intuitive impulses, insights, existential stories , sexual curiosities using spontaneous mediums arranged to create a visual dimension that triggers “pause” and “ reflection” in the psyche.

Navedita graduated from College of Art, New Delhi in 2015 as an “Applied Artist”, her inclinations led her to travelling around the country learning “Sustainable Architecture”, “Permaculture Design”and critically questioning the “ Factory Schooling System”, after working (rather choking) in an advertising agency for a short while. In the year 2016, She joined Swaraj University as a “fellow khoji” in an attempt to reclaim her life, shaping her perspectives around the patterns of the World, learning methods, sustainability, social justice and community living.

Sofia Wu

Specialist in GuaSha massage

Originating from China, Sofia Wu is a specialist in GuaSha massage. Her techniques consist of a full body fascia muscle release. Fascia is a connective tissue that forms a mysterious internal netting that looks very much like spider webs. Your fascia is made of dense, sticky protein fibers that weave continuously throughout the entire body, wrapping around and supporting all of your cells, muscles, muscle fibers, bones, and even your organs. Fascia can get stiff and sticky when you don’t move around enough, but it can also get twisted and bound up when you move too much, do a lot of repetitive motion, or become injured. Sofia is also certified in Craniosacral therapy which she integrates into her treatments towards the end of the session. Craniosacral therapy uses a light touch to examine membranes and movement of fluids in and around the central nervous system. Relieving tension in the central nervous system promotes a feeling of well-being by eliminating pain and boosting health and immunity. This allows the person availing of the therapy to rest in a deep slumber and allows the body to get the full benefit of Guasha massage. Apart from giving therapy, Sofia is also an educator in Guasha massage and conducts workshops to enable people with correct techniques and tools so they can make it a ritual for daily benefits. A series of therapy sessions with Sofia can help you attain healthy fascia that is normally supple, stretchy, and flexible, allowing it to slide and glide across muscles and around joints.

Tasneem Hamdani

Tantra practitioner

Tasneem is a Tantra practitioner whose offerings combine her training in Sacred Sexuality with knowledge of Tantric scriptures from the Trika tradition of Kashmir.

She is passionate about experiencing and sharing how the subtle energies in our body can be channelized to connect with the Divine.
The energy body, also known as the Sukhshma Shareer, is a portal to Cosmic Consciousness that can be accessed by de-armoring the primal wisdom of our physical body. Her workshops & healing sessions provide a safe space to bring our primal nature out of the shadow into the Light, and open the heart to its infinite potential, so that Primordial Life Force Energy (Kundalini Shakti) can fuel us toward ultimate Bliss (Ananda).

Tasneem is an advanced certified Tantra educator from Charles Muir's Source School of Tantra Yoga (California), with 8+ years of practice.
She has also studied Feminine Arts Mastery with renowned author Regena Thomashauser (New York), BDSM with author Om Rupani (New York), Daoist healing techniques with master Mantak Chia (Chiang Mai), Himalayan Kundalini practices in Rishikesh, and Kashmir Shivaism from the lineages of Baba Mooktananda and Swami Laxman Joo (India).

Originally from India and having reconnected with the roots of Tantra, Tasneem now guides others who wish to explore the realm of Sacred Sexuality, feel empowered in the Body, cultivate a healthy relationship with their own energy, and bring mindfulness to connection with others.

More teachers, team of musicians , therapists to be announced.

Transformational Journeys

Sunita Agaskar

Attended the Online Wonder Woman festival in March 2021..by Evolve Beings..it was such an amazing experience of unlearning, learning and relearning.. Feeling drawn to the practices attending the In person Wonder Woman festival in Dec 2021 in Goa by Evolve Beings..this brought about an internal shift..the way i viewed everything changed...More happiness and positivity..got the energy to work and get over my fears... Various qualified facilitators guided through the wonderful journey of self discovery.
Kudos to Mohini and team.

Keshika Malhotra

Volunteered and participated in the Wonder Women Festival 2022. Loved the experience completely. Had a terrific time learning and connecting with all the lovely feminine energies. The workshops were well thought of and really helpful in connecting to one's true self. Blessed and grateful to be a part of the team and helping out in providing a platform for all the women seeking depth on their spiritual journey. Highly recommend this to anyone looking to experience a deeper connection to their highest self and to the feminine within.
Also attended the sacred women's circle with Evolve Beings. The theme was intimacy. Glad that I decided to attend this one as it helped me let go of the patterns I no longer need and also helped me connect with my highest self on a much deeper level. I was filled with so much of love which I loved spreading among all the women who were part of the circle. Lovely experience!

Geeti Bora

The Wonder Woman Festival, 22 is the most life changing experience of my life.
The learnings of the mentors, coaches will always guide me to awaken my Goddess essence. The modules and activities of the five days are well designed, and curated with utmost care to align us with our masculine and feminine energy within. More power to all the Shaktis🌸🌼🌿🌺

Kuheli Bhattacharya

Attended the Wonder Women 5 day festival in Dec 2022. The festival was well organised, immersive, experiential, with a tremendous value for my money, time and energy. Would definitely recommend it to those looking for community in a spiritual practice.

Who are we?

The purpose of Wonder Woman Festival is to bring women together to begin a journey of consciousness and inner freedom. Assisting and supporting you to live a free flowing, ever-changing, healing lifestyle.
We love to open the door to transformation for all those souls craving to seek the truth. Be it a burning desire to know more about your body, the truth of life and what true love can feel like. Our passion is to unite a community of like-minded people who intend to be the change they want to see in the world with the help of some of the most brilliant evolution experts.
Through our events we seek to bring a change in the system of education and raise awareness around many traditionally ignored, unspoken or taboo subjects. This is where you get to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

Have you ever imagined a world where sisters come together, to heal themselves and the collective. Like an offering to the universe, letting go of all their inhibitions to gain wisdom. A playground where old spiritual traditions meet the modern way of life. A perfect balance between the two, a temple devoted to its sisters who seek to gain secrets from the ancient wisdom.
In the old spiritual traditions, women were known as the keepers of ancient wisdom. They maintained harmony and balance in the natural world and within their communities. Women’s bodies were seen as sacred alchemical vessels of creation and transformation. We envision creating the same magic in Wonder Woman festival where women can be the wise anchors to help the world become a better place.
Streams flow into rivers, rivers flow into the ocean. When women come together in Tantric gatherings it is like being in an ocean. An ocean of love, sensuality, healing, and transformation. Being in women circles makes a possibility of coming home to our deepest selves. It’s like sunlight passing through the prism to reflect colours of the rainbow.

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Wonder Women Festival 2022, 2021 and 2020 Edition


Frequently asked question about the festival

Can I get a Visa to India?

We can share a Business visa invitation letter with you to help you facilitate your visa to India.

What kind of food will be served?

We will be serving Vegetarian meals during the festival and will encourage participants to not smoke or drink alcohol or to consume any kind of external substances. If you have any specific dietary preferences- ie vegan or gluten free meals, do let us know. And the same will be arranged at the venue.

What to bring during the festival?

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun block cream
  • Massage cream or oil
  • 2 Sarongs
  • Goddess outfit
  • 1 White dress
  • Blindfold
  • Yoga outfit
  • Swimming suit for the pool/beach

Can I stay outside the resort or somewhere else?

If you are already staying in North Goa, it is possible to just pay for a ticket and come to attend the festival. Although we do encourage staying at the retreat centre to contain the energy of the group for these three days.

Can I get assistance with booking a taxi from the airport to the festival venue?

We will be creating a whatspp group closer to the event, you can directly reach out to us for any assistance. 

What kind of rooms will one get at the resort?

Double occupancy room which you can share with 1 more participant. Once you register, we will send you an email with details ( address/ pictures) of the resort and it’s rooms.

Please note that is an eco-friendly resort so the rooms are non AC.

I'm scared if this is for me?

‘Wonder Woman’ is a wonderful opportunity to discover the world of Tantra for the first time in a playful setting under the guidance of highly experienced Tantra and Spiritual teachers.

Maybe I'm not ready or this is not the time?

There is no requisite knowledge required for this retreat, and therefore there would be no reason why one would not be ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery.

If you don’t feel ready now, the likelihood is you will never feel ready. If anything, this is the time to choose action over fear, to take a leap of faith into the unknown, empowered by a group of women who share the qualities of love, compassion and fearlessness.

Can I hope for this retreat to help me heal my sexual abuse/trauma?

The ‘Wonder Woman’ festival is a great place to begin healing on any previous sexual abuse or traumas. You will be in a safe environment at all times, about to express how you are truly feeling and given tools to help you deal with and progress in your development to healing.

I have attended many women retreats and/or Tantra festivals. What is so different about Wonder Woman Festival?

Every experience is different. The team of teachers is very versatile yet complementary to each other to bring different flavours and depth to the space.

This Festival is open for all practitioners from beginners to advanced level. Every day there will be numerous workshops, which you can choose to attend according to your interest and experience.

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This page was updated on 1st July 2023.

Festival terms & conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before committing to the ‘Wonder Woman Festival’.

By making a booking I confirm that:

Festival Fee

I am aware that the reservation of my ticket will only be confirmed when the reservation fee or full payment is received.


OUR REFUND POLICY Non-residential passes are not applicable for refund. The non-residential ticket can be transferred to a friend, if you chose to add on the service with a fee of 3000 INR- upto 15 days in advance. Residential passes- Comes with a ‘No Questions- asked’ refund policy. If your plans changed or if you feel you don’t want to participate this year, don’t worry we got you covered. Just send us an email on contact@evolvebeings.com explaining your reason and we will get back to you with the details of how we can process the refund. You can claim your full refund up to 45 days in advance from the start of the festival.

Festival Cancellation

I am aware that if for any reason I need to cancel my festival ticket the deposit fee of Rs 18000 is non-refundable. And if I cancel within 45 days before the festival then the full amount deposited is non-refundable. If for any reason the festival has to be cancelled I will be refunded 100% of the festival fee.

Changes to Program

I understand that the program and workshops organizers plan to follow are possibly subject to slight change with unforeseen circumstances, although organizers will do their best and ensure to bring me the best quality if alternative arrangements are needed.

Photography and Filming during the Festival

I am aware that during the Festival there may be professional photographers assigned by the festival itself. I understand these photographs or filming may be used for promotional purposes. I am aware that I am responsible to communicate to the organizers at the registration of that festival if I do not want to be seen in any photographs or filming during the festival.

Health and Well-being

I am responsible for my own health and well-being. I will let organisers know if I have any concerns or queries regarding my health and while they do their best to accommodate my needs. I will listen to organisers and teachers advice in all matters concerning my Health and Safety. If I am pregnant I will attend the retreat as per full clarity about my health.

Alcohol and Drugs

I am aware that the use of alcohol and drugs during the Festival are strictly prohibited. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.


I am aware that if coming as a group of 5 or more women we will let organizers of the festival know prior to confirming tickets for the Festival.


A Temple of Love, Sensuality and Pleasure- nestled between a beautiful garden. A familiar feeling of being at home, Freedom in the air, you can dance, share and make friends from all around the world. Our aim is to provide a space where you feel comfortable, relaxed and blissful.
We will be sharing space together in a resort on the northern beaches of Goa. Close to the best so you will be able to experience the beautiful Goan sunsets with your new found friends and sisters.