Dec 1st – 5th 2021



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Tantra Womb Wisdom Chakra Flow Sensuality Female pleasure Movement & Meditation Trauma Healing Opening of Heart Awakening of senses

Wonder Women Festival, Goa (2020)

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Envisioning and Bringing Alive the Wild, Liberated and sensually empowered woman.


The Wonder Women Mission

We women are the birth leaders and we make up half the population of this world. All human beings come from the WOMB. It therefore becomes our sacred duty as torchbearers to help birth a more conscious world.

The purpose of Wonder Women festival is to bring women together to begin a journey of consciousness and inner freedom. Assisting and supporting you to live a free flowing, ever-changing, healing lifestyle.

Theme of the Festival


Dec 1st – 5th,

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Feeling of home, Freedom in the air, you can dance, share and make friends from all around the world.

Our aim is to provide a space where you feel comfortable, relaxed and blissful. We will be sharing space together in a resort on the northern beaches of Goa. Close to the best so you will be able to experience the beautiful Goan sunsets with your new found friends and sisters.

To keep the privacy and safety we decided not to disclose the venue publicly. So the exact venue addresses and details participants will receive closer to the dates via email. ☺


The workshops will include a variety of guided meditations, movement and dance therapy, Tantra and healing shame or traumas around our bodies or shamanic embodiment practices and Shakti healing circles.

Details of few of the workshops is as under:

Womb Wisdom: Belly dance & Chakraqs Flow: Movement meditation

Womb wisdom
Discover the treasures and power you have stored in your womb. Become aware of your cycle and how the stages of your cycle have such an effect on your life and each stage of being a woman.

Belly dance & Chakraqs flow
It is a movement and healing program that offers an understanding of the workings of the 7 subtle energy centres when they work in unison or the effects of when they work against each other. The chakraqs session will take you through movement based practices starting from the root all the way to the crown. The tools have been put together from various dance, movement and meditation practices to help you go from a state of deep connection to the earth towards the ultimate connection with divine consciousness.

Through this workshop, the participants can expect:

  • To connect with their divine feminine / sacral space / womb centre through the fluidity and flow of belly dance.
  • To use Intentional movement as a meditation.
  • To develop strong connections through movement with their sacred sisters present around them.


In these workshops you will learn to rewrite the conditioning that hold you back from experiencing sensations, love, presence, and pleasure with and in your yoni. You will learn to release imprints you carry from unprecedented intimate experiences, release any belief systems and conditioning that do not belong to you. You will get to experience the connection between your heart and yoni and much more.

Bre@st Care, Massage

Ayurvedic bre@st massage helps to empower femininity by bringing healing from all the shame and manipulations. It goes beyond physical healing and opens paths for deeper emotional and energetic healing and promotes acceptance and love towards your body.

Trauma Healing, Self-reflection

Trauma healing

Trauma leaves a blueprint in your nervous system through cellular memory. Even when we cognitively are aware of the trauma, our subconscious and physical body have cellular memories of their own. Our bodies are miraculous beings fully equipped to heal themselves. The goal of trauma healing is to give victims a feeling that they have control over their lives again. With our session on Trauma Healing, you can journey into self-discovery, empower yourself, remove toxicity, restore wholeness and create a healthier you!


Waking up to your power is a spiritual practice. In these workshops you will learn how meditation can help us to be truly happy, to be in the present moment, to awaken to our highest potential, and show us a path of liberation.

Triple Goddess Activation

The Evolution of Feminine Enlightenment
Durga:: Lakshmi:: Saraswati

If you are a woman on the spiritual path, it is essential to embody this sacred trinity. Each Goddess offers valuable gifts and profound lessons; to become the strong, magnetic and wise woman you are meant to be!

Durga Activation: Awakening Fearlessness. Embodying the Warrioress.
Lakshmi Activation: Awakening Abundance. Embodying the Muse.
Saraswati Activation: Awakening Intuition. Embodying the Wise Woman.

You will learn:

  • How to worship the Goddess through living
  • Chakra practices to awaken the energy associated with each Goddess
  • How to embody and connect with Shakti in these three vital forms
  • How to mould your life in such a way to embrace pleasure, flow and feminine power

Journey From Inner To Outer Voice

In this workshop, the participants will learn:

  • How to connect with their own voice and feel the low and high sound frequencies in their bodies produced by their own vocal instrument.
  • They will be guided through meditation and will be shown some exercises to muscle and learn about easy voice warm-ups.
  • They will learn an empowering Divine Feminine mantra that everyone will sing together at the end of the session. This mantra will be given as a powerful tool to be used in our daily lives whenever we need Shakti and wish well for our inner and outer harmony.

Baul Mysticism & Opening Of Heart

Baul Mysticism is deeply connected to the roots of Tantra as well. Because it is all about opening up your body through celebrations in music and dance. In Baul Mysticism we focus on singing and opening up the fifth chakra, the most mystical one. And when you open up that chakra you become a free flowing and a joyous person in touch with their true essence.

Both Baul Mysticim and Path of Tantra help us to establish the connection between the small self, and the divine self. It helps us to understand that we are not separate from the whole universe.

In her workshop on Baul Mysticism, our mentor Kaulike Anandi will be sowing seeds of love in every woman, every embodiment of Shakti present at the festival. She will help them tap into the idea that each of them is a powerhouse of immense potential. Through her practice she will show one can work toward opening up their 5th Chakra and in turn unleash the magic within their beings.

Awakening Of Senses

Tantra teaches liberation can be attained through the conscious evocation of the senses. The conscious nourishment of senses transforms the inner being allowing evolution to take place. Our workshops on awakening of one’s senses will allow you to slow down, maybe suprise yourself. Your inner and outer self to nurture, nourish, heal and open through conscious connection through the five senses of hearing, touch, eyes, smell or taste.

Chakra’s Understanding, Movement And Dance

One can tap into the essence of the Divine Feminine and use this energy to fully express and be one’s most vibrant self by gaining a deeper understanding of the chakra system. Our seven Chakras are considered as the energy centres in our body that runs from the base of spine to the top of our head. In this festival we will bring you understanding on the feminine positive centres. And on how to release, unlock the energy, and move the Kundalini energy upwards..

Through our practices of movement and dance for healing we will consciously connect and align with these energetic points within our body, and in turn will create a connection with our higher selves—also our Divine self.

Morning Meditations

Every morning join us for an active meditation or movement class from one of our facilitators to energise you and get oriented to make the maximum of what’s to follow for the day. Every day morning we will pay our respects to the 5 elements of nature that sustain and nourish all life forms on this planet.

Evening Celebration

We will wrap each day with a beautiful, fun and juicy celebration where all divine sisters will get to celebrate themselves and each other in their true goddess form. Dance, music, creativity, connections and some surprises.

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Daily Schedule

Day events

Workshops will start at 7 AM on all days. All days will end at 10:30 PM with sufficient breaks for unwinding and eating meals. Detailed schedule for each day will be shared with the participants of the festivals.

Evening events

Our evening events will be focused on integrating and celebrating what you’ve learnt each day at the retreat.


The Evolve Beings team carefully vets all teachers affiliated with our organization and know that they provide the safest and most authentic courses, meditations and programs for the nurturing and healing of the collective sisterhood.

Our facilitators are fully qualified, trained and are graduates from schools of mystic arts, sciences and psychology.

Mohini Srishati

Founder of Evolvebeings, Curator - Wonder Women Festival, Certified Tantra and Meditation Practitioner, Life Coach

Mohini Srishati is a versatile woman and surfing in real life through different roles of being a Mother, Tantrica, Business woman, Evolution expert and a Traveller. She transcends norms and stereotypes and is a gentle reminder and inspiration to those of us who wish to do the same.

She likes to ignite people’s hearts and souls. Inspire them to make change and live life consciously and in celebration. As an initiative in this direction she decided to organize and teach in different Tantra retreats and festivals. She completed a 2 years certified intensive Tantra teacher training course with Tantra essence plus many years of enriching spiritual experiences in her life. She has spent time with many tantra teachers and is inspired by Osho, Goenka and Ma Anand Sarita.

She is the curator and teacher for Wonder Woman Festival. Name of the festival is inspired by her own life and her blossoming into different roles and essence of Feminine. Being a Tantrica she likes to spread the message of living an empowered life. She is organizing both online and offline courses through ‘Evolve Beings’.
This festival will be inspired from the Shamanic, Tantra and meditation practices to break through our patterns of life and realize our true soul calling.

In today’s sensual and materialistic era Tantra is the only evolved spiritual discipline that uses our senses and desires to achieve the goal of liberation. So we need to drop and heal that shame and guilt to start celebrating and enjoying our bodies to derive joy and wellbeing.

After many years of following the spiritual path whilst simultaneously being involved in the business world, creating and successfully running a company, Srishati started envisioning practically bringing the two worlds together. The purpose all along was to bridge the seemingly big gap between the corporate and spiritual world and be a positive force in creating more unity and less separation. She aimed to make spiritual teachings more accessible and easier digestible for people looking to evolve or expand in life.

Meher Malik

Movement Meditation Expert, Mentor, Founder of chakraqs

Meher Malik is the Founder & Director of Banjara School Of Dance - India's largest belly dance school. Meher is a believer in the medicinal magic of movement and has created a community of sisters across the world guiding women back into their bodies and leading them to self-care and love.

She is a mother and a wife, a vegan and a minimalist, an artist and an entrepreneur but strongly believes that her identity is not defined by any of these. She is a seeker on a spiritual quest, not searching for answers but the right questions.

Her life philosophy is to 'move' people in whatever way in a direction towards a better, wiser, kinder, happier world. Meher is now a full time researcher and is developing proof based research on alternative healing modalities using Kirlian photography. Through ‘Chakras’ a self-healing course designed by her, she helps people to unlock the secrets of their bodies, minds and spirit.

Kaulike Anandi

Baul Mystic, Tantrica, Spiritual Guide

Kaulike Anandi was born into a family, which is connected with the tantric lineage of Ramakrishna Paramhansa. She spent most of her early years with her grandmother who she considers as her foremost teacher in love, tantra, spirituality, pretty much everything that matters in life. And then came music. She found herself embracing love in the truest sense through her ‘sadhana’ (practice) of music. Her parents at that time were senior gurus in the country in the arts of theater. She grew up in an environment of a theatre commune so the feeling of living in a community was ingrained within her early on. Kaulike had never planned to get into acting given how she was deemed as the shy one. But it happened. If she would have something to share, she would love going up the stage. Otherwise most of her time went in music, books and meditation. She believes that whatever you wish for is actually the cosmos wishing for and whatever you don't want is not really meant for you. But if you want something, surely there is something into it. So it's important to follow your heart. Her spiritual journey is all about simplifying life and becoming the embodiment of love.
She believes everything is love. Every bit of this existence, this universe, this Cosmos, this life and this world, every bit of it is made up of love. Love is the universal energy that has created us, that is flowing through us, it is what is holding and binding everything together. Our bodies, our like containers, each vessel is made up of a very unique insight but all have only one role to experience love an it’s magic, to blossom more, to enjoy more, to live in communion with the divine. Kaulike strongly believes that women are born with Shakti ingrained in them right from their birth. They just have to recognize their immense power and then see the magic around them unfold every day of their lives.
Kaulike found herself dipping deeply into the world of Baul Mysticism.
The word baul means a madman. But it is a misnomer; it means someone who is free, someone who is enlightened. Kaulike believes that when one comes to the baul path, they are in total space of surrender, because they become innocent like a child. You do not judge anything or anyone. Because you completely trust in the existence as a Divine Mother as a Divine Shakti.
Baul Mysticism is deeply connected to the roots of Tantra as well. Because it is all about opening up your body through celebrations in music and dance. In Baul Mysticism we focus on singing and opening up the fifth chakra, the most mystical one. And when you open up that chakra you become a free flowing and a joyous person in touch with their true essence.
Both Baul Mysticism and Path of Tantra help us to establish the connection between the small self, and the divine self. It helps us to understand that we are not separate from the whole universe.

Dhyan Samya Yoga

Yoga Therapist, Holistic Healer, Tantra Practitioner/ Teacher, Sacred Intimacy Coach

Dhyan Samya is a transformational coach and a holistic healer with a strong base in spirituality.
Her work combines of her embodied experience of connecting all spectrum of life, from body to soul; using various healing modalities like therapeutic yoga, tantra - kashmiri shaivism and neo-tantra, osho meditations, naturopathy, reflexology, reiki, different kinds of body works; along with emotional wellness and various forms of meditative/self-development practices; and the practical wisdom of empowering individuals and groups to regain their health, wellbeing, and happiness for over 15 years.
She has been teaching in various international festivals and holds her own retreats and women circle and courses across India. She is highly passionate about her work and has dedicated her whole life to it; not only by accumulating knowledge but by the very way she lives it. It is her greatest joy to spread the gifts she received from her Master, teachers and Life.

Yogini Gopika

Tantrik Priestess, Shakti circle holder, Ayurvedic wellness Coach

Tantrik Priestess and Intuitive Spiritual Guide, Gopika shows the way for women to lead more pleasurable fulfilling lives in alignment with their authentic creative power. Her teachings merge the mystical and the erotic to create personal evolution and inner freedom.
Gopika has created “Yogini Shakti Tantra” to empower women through feminine spirituality and the transmission of ancient women's wisdom. She lives as an embodiment of the Goddess and has the power to remind women that they too are divine. Her passion is to merge the mystical and the erotic in order to bring about personal evolution and inner freedom.
By weaving together Tantra, Ayurveda and Yoga; Gopika acts as a catalyst towards deep transformation. Living a devotional yogic life since she first came to India in 2004, has allowed her to lead other aspirants step by step towards embracing their highest potential. For the past several years she has been teaching Tantra Yoga Teacher Trainings in both India and Nepal, in addition to mentoring students one on one, guiding them into a state of self-love and internal balance. Gopika is honored to be a part of the divine feminine awakening that is taking place on this planet right now.


Art Therapist

Navedita’s existential explorations led her to a few ever expanding self-realizations, one that she is a dirtbag, not quite literally, but she surrenders to the natural forces, in a way ‘windblown’, that makes her crave for truth and greater understanding of her being. She is often too much for people as she engages with in her words, in her doubts, in her curiosities, in her cravings and desires…often not fitting in most systems around. She is an “EXOTICDIRTBAG'', she feels in this dimension, an honest discomforting, challenging and courageous bundle of dirt filled in a bag made of wonder, kindness and love.
Navedita expresses her intuitive impulses, insights, existential stories , bodily curiosities using spontaneous mediums arranged to create a visual dimension that triggers “pause” and “ reflection” in the psyche.
Navedita graduated from College of Art, New Delhi in 2015 as an “Applied Artist”, her inclinations led her to travelling around the country learning “Sustainable Architecture”, “Permaculture Design”and critically questioning the “ Factory Schooling System”, after working (rather choking) in an advertising agency for a short while. In the year 2016, She joined Swaraj University as a “fellow khoji” in an attempt to reclaim her life, shaping her perspectives around the patterns of the World, learning methods, sustainability, social justice and community living.


Vocalist, Composer, Music producer and Voice Coach

Invited to perform at the Cannes film festival 2019 in France for her award winning film score, Voyage for Change, Tritha is a vocalist, composer, music producer and voice coach based out of India and Europe. Trained in Indian classical music for over 25 years. She recently released an album called Pachamama - A Tribute to Mother Nature, released on International Plastic- Bag free world Day! Living between France and India for the last 14 years, Tritha has 11 albums to her credit from solo to her different outfits over the last decade, her first album "PaGLi '' released on Sony Music India. Traveling and representing India in over 18 countries and performing more than 300 concerts, Tritha has also been featured on BBC, Arte and Canal+ as a music activist and sound healer. Magnum Photos from France featured her as one of the 100 Women Changing India. She was also awarded by the US State Department through the residency Onebeat 2016 as a cultural ambassador using music for Social Change and community development. She conducts workshops on using Music and Sound for healing and aligning the human body, mind and heart causing deep and positive transformation of the soul. She has organised successful holistic festivals such as Divine Union in Mojigao, Goa inviting 30 healers, inspiring speakers and conscious musicians.

Sudipta Mondal

EFT (emotional freedom technique)

Wellness greetings!
I am Sudipta Mondal, currently residing in Mumbai where I train and coach students to achieve their fitness goals holistically. I am a certified fitness trainer and lifestyle health coach , as well as a continuing education provider and consultant.

Personally, I live life with a minimalist approach towards an eco friendly lifestyle whether it is about the food I eat (organic and vegan), the clothes I wear (cotton and recycled only) , home decor(locally handcrafted) , skin care/makeup products (toxins free)

My aim is to make people reconsider the role of movement, nutrition and beauty in their overall fitness journeys. Health does not always need to be intense, but it can be a form of play and recovery to boost your productivity and creativity.

"When you shut down
emotion, you're also affecting
your immune system, your nervous system.
So the repression
of emotion,
which is a survival strategy,
then becomes a source
of physiological illness later on."
Gabor Maté

Emotional freedom technique:

  • recognise and connect with all your 9 emotions
  • understand the difference between emotions and feelings
  • We hold our emotions deep within our structure within ourselves. Learn to transfer your agitation into calm through structural movement patterns and breathing exercises.

Buy the festival tickets

Price of the Wonder Woman Festival

We encourage women to purchase the ‘All Inclusive’ ticket. As it is a residential retreat, we would like to keep the energy contained and flowing through only the participants within the premise.

Although, if you are already staying in Goa and have your own accommodation here, it is also possible to purchase a ticket which does not include accommodation.


Last 7 spots left

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Residential Ticket

Super Early Bird valid only till 22nd Nov 2021.

  • 4 Star Beach Hotel
  • Shared Accommodation in a double occupancy for 4nights/5 days
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Festival and Workshop Access for all 5 Days
  • Tea/Coffee During the day
  • *You get access to our 20+ sessions from online Wonder Women festival.


Pay only booking amount ₹15,000 now & rest at the venue.

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Non Residential Ticket

Offer valid only till 22nd Nov 2021.

  • Morning Sessions
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Festival and Workshop Access for all 5 Days
  • Evenings Events
  • Tea/Coffee During the day


Pay only booking amount ₹12,000 now & rest at the venue.

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The Theme this Year

Women are nothing short of GODDESSES! Yes, every woman is inherently a Goddess, if we can allow ourselves to live our magic and mystery.

The Divine Feminine is the healing feminine force that connects people to Mother Nature, other people, and all energy sources.One can tap into the essence of the Divine Feminine and use this energy to fully express and be one’s most vibrant self. This can be done with the help of understanding of the chakra system.

When we consciously connect and align with these energetic points within our body, when we practice self-discovery, it raises the vibration of the mind-body connection and allows us to connect to our higher selves—our Divine self.

That then becomes an invitation for us to expand our boundaries of what we can experience and how we can experience it. Embodying our true divine essence opens us to savor a world of magic and allows us to truly unleash our highest potential. As a multidimensional being. As the divine goddess that we always were.

This year together we will create a sacred space for us to:

  • Celebrate life by being more juicy, alive and vibrant
  • Overcome guilt and shame around our bodies
  • Integrate divine masculine and feminine both within and outside
  • Tap into your essence and explore our creative side through dance, movement, singing circles, art therapy and more
  • Reconnect to our soul callings and find our highest potential in life
  • Address, talk and undergo rituals and practices to heal and awaken our power and suppressed traumas
  • Understand our intimacy needs of both men and women and learn to reach the divine union between the two genders
  • Breakthrough your conditioning, old patterns, habits of the mind, emotions and beliefs
Buy the festival tickets

Let's get real

This is for you:

If you have never attended a Tantra Women festival
If you are feeling stuck in life
If you want to go deeper within yourself
If you have never attended a women-only festival
If you wish to bring healing on physical, mental & emotional levels
Buy the festival tickets

This is not for you:

If you are looking to meet anti-men revolutionaries
If you are looking for hard core feminists

Our Dream


There is a saying from Osho, “Tune in, turn on and go beyond.” This simple message indicates that the path to truth is not long and arduous, but is easily accessible.

True fulfilment happens when our body, heart and soul are all dancing together in harmony. Tantra is a lifestyle which helps us free up our ecstatic potential and breathe each moment in loving awareness, whether alone or with a partner. ~ Ma Ananda Sarita


What will you find?

When women come together – magic is bound to happen – and these four days will be beyond magical, sacred and transformational. Tapping into our essence allows us to open to our creative juices. At the Wonder Women Global Festival we encourage you to let go, release and express your creative juices through:

We would like you to experience the full expression of yourself and unfold the depths of your being. Join us for these five days of exploring your own creativity surrounded by like-minded, supportive sisters and guides.


Frequently asked question about the festival

Can I get a Visa to India?

We can share a Business visa invitation letter with you to help you facilitate your visa to India.

What are the precautions that we are taking because of Covid?

Every participant, team member and speaker will need to bring a proof of vaccine or negative PCR-Test to participate at this event.

The hotel will maintain all the safety precautions on their staff’s side like wearing masks and providing hand sanitizers throughout the property.

What kind of food will be served?

We will be serving Vegetarian meals during the festival and will encourage participants to not smoke or drink alcohol or to consume any kind of external substances.

When do we start & end the festival?

The festival will begin with the opening ceremony at 2.30 pm on 1st December. And will end on 5th December around 2.30 pm. Your first-day lunch is not included but last day lunch is included.

Make sure to arrive and register by 1 pm.

What to bring during the festival?

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun block cream
  • Massage cream or oil
  • 2 Sarongs
  • Goddess outfit
  • 1 White dress
  • Blindfold
  • Yoga outfit
  • Swimming suit for the pool/beach

Can I get assistance with booking a taxi from the airport to the festival venue?

At your request we will be able to book a taxi from the airport to the retreat venue. It will be held at a resort about 1 1/2 hour drive from the International Goa Airport.

You will be able to pay directly to the taxi driver. We will let you know the price prior to your arrival.

What kind of rooms will one get at the resort?

Double occupancy room which you can share with 1 more participant. Once you register, we will send you an email with details ( address/ pictures) of the resort and it’s rooms.

Please note that is an eco-friendly resort so the rooms are non AC.

Can I stay outside the resort or somewhere else?

If you are already staying in Goa, it is possible to just pay for a ticket and come to attend the festival. Although we do encourage staying at the retreat centre to contain the energy of the group for these three days.

You will be able to purchase a ticket for the event separately instead of the ‘Full Package’ ticket. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner inside the festival will be at an extra cost.

I'm scared if this is for me?

‘Wonder Woman’ is a wonderful opportunity to discover the world of Tantra for the first time in a playful setting under the guidance of highly experienced Tantra and Spiritual teachers.

Maybe I'm not ready or this is not the time?

There is no requisite knowledge required for this retreat, and therefore there would be no reason why one would not be ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery.

If you don’t feel ready now, the likelihood is you will never feel ready. If anything, this is the time to choose action over fear, to take a leap of faith into the unknown, empowered by a group of women who share the qualities of love, compassion and fearlessness.

Can I hope for this retreat to help me heal my trauma?

The ‘Wonder Woman’ festival is a great place to begin healing on any kind of trauma. You will be in a safe environment at all times, about to express how you are truly feeling and given tools to help you deal with and progress in your development to healing.

I have attended many women retreats and/or Tantra festivals. What is so different about Wonder Woman Festival?

Every experience is different. The team of teachers is very versatile yet complementary to each other to bring different flavours and depth to the space.

This Festival is open for all practitioners from beginners to advanced level. Every day there will be numerous workshops, which you can choose to attend according to your interest and experience.


Wonder Women Festival 2020 Edition

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Festival terms & conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before committing to the ‘Wonder Woman Festival’.

By making a booking I confirm that:

Festival Fee

I am aware that the reservation of my ticket will only be confirmed when the reservation fee or full payment is received.


This festival comes with a ‘No Questions- asked’ refund policy. If your plans changed or if you feel you don’t want to participate this year, don’t worry we got you covered. Just send us an email on explaining your reason and we will get back to you with the details of how we can process the refund. You can claim your full refund up to 30 days from the start of the festival.

Festival Cancellation

If due to some unavoidable reasons (such as pandemic mandates by the government) we need to cancel the festival, we will refund the ticket price to you minus any bank/ transaction charges that would apply as per standard rates. We will send you an email to explain the process and timeline for refunding the money to you.

Changes to Program

I understand that the program and workshops organizers plan to follow are possibly subject to slight change with unforeseen circumstances, although organizers will do their best and ensure to bring me the best quality if alternative arrangements are needed.

Photography and Filming during the Festival

I am aware that during the Festival there may be professional photographers assigned by the festival itself. I understand these photographs or filming may be used for promotional purposes. I am aware that I am responsible to communicate to the organizers at the registration of that festival if I do not want to be seen in any photographs or filming during the festival.

Health and Well-being

I am responsible for my own health and well-being. I will let organizers know if I have any concerns or queries regarding my health and while they do their best to accommodate my needs. I will listen to organizers and teachers advice in all matters concerning my Health and Safety.

Alcohol and Drugs

I am aware that the use of alcohol and drugs during the Festival are strictly prohibited. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.


I am aware that if coming as a group of 5 or more women we will let organizers of the festival know prior to confirming tickets for the Festival.


Feeling of home, Freedom in the air, you can dance, share and make friends from all around the world. Our aim is to provide a space where you feel comfortable, relaxed and blissful. We will be sharing space together in a resort on the northern beaches of Goa. Close to the best so you will be able to experience the beautiful Goan sunsets with your new found friends and sisters. To keep the privacy and safety we decided not to disclose the venue publicly. So the exact venue addresses and details participants will receive closer to the dates via email. ☺